Best Resorts Near By Bangalore for Weekends,
An Escape From City Life under Rs. 5000

Are you feeling tired after complex, hectic, and productive weeks? Do you want to enjoy some fun moments while traveling to unique places? We know you need this now. And also deserve to visit the best resorts near by Bangalore under 5000. right, then do not worry, know you will enjoy yourself a lot in these resorts that we have to find for you.

So, keep reading the blog to know about these Resorts Near By Bangalore. And get complete information about prices, places nearby, and the fantastic features. So, let’s start.

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Malgudi Farms

This beautiful resort is located 33 KM away from Bangalore. And gives an extra soothing experience. In this resort, you get accommodation with a restaurant and free private parking. There you can park your vehicle without any issue. This resort is famous for its room service and luggage storage for guests. In every room, you get a private bathroom, shower, and complimentary toiletries. At the time of breakfast, you enjoy a tasty vegetarian dish, and after that, you can enjoy cycling. If you are a business person or a professional who wants to stay for some business purpose. This place is also excellent because there are a business center and banquet facility in the resort. If you’re going to go with your family, then you can select this resort. As well as they offer your family-size rooms with other super cool facilities.

Malgudi Farms

  • Features: There is a swimming pool as well with a great green view. Suitable for families and couples, Asides from this, it also an excellent option for business professionals.
  • Location: It is 33 Km from commercial street Bangalore
  • Price: If you book this resort, then it will cost you around 4000Rs.
  • A place to visit: You can also visit The Heritage Centre & Aerospace Museum and Chinnaswamy Stadium.

Royal Orchid Resort & Convention Centre

Suppose you are looking for the best resort near by Bangalore. And finding an alternative. That should be near to Bangalore airport. Royal Orchid Resort & Convention Center is the option. It is located near the Kempegowda International Airport. And it provides warm hospitality and impeccable service to its customers. It is one of the ideal resorts for newlywed couples, families, and your kids. Business travelers will also find this place relevant to them. Because of —the well-maintained green surroundings. And decorated dining halls with delicious food will take you to this place only. If you are looking for a swimming pool, then you will find that here as well.

There are 42 rooms and eight deluxe rooms for the visitors. Besides this, there are four cottages as well if you want to maintain your privacy. The best thing about this place is it will give you an soothing, comfortable. And exceptional staff service experience. You will meet up with hygiene and a clean environment.

Royal Orchid Resort & Convention Centre

  • Location: This is near Kempegowda International Airport. And it is 14.6 km away from Bangalore.
  • Features: Clean and soothing environment, luxurious service.
  • Price: It will cost you approx 4000.
  • Places to visit: If you come here, you can visit Nandi Hills, Sri Someshwara Swamy temple, or go shopping.

Fiestaa Resort n Events Venue

This resort is located near Kempegowda International Airport at a distance of 5 km. It is a perfect resort and a fantastic place for travelers. And those who want to enjoy outdoor pools or want to get a bath in the sun’s warmth on the sun terrace. The lighting design, blooming interiors will give you a calm and relaxing experience. This place is nearly located on Bangalur- Devanahali road. And there you can enjoy by doing adventurous activities. In the Boot camp available in the resort itself. When you plan to go with your family and your kids. This fantastic place is waiting for you where your kids will enjoy the play area.

When you take the afternoon nap or enjoy a drink to take out city life’s tension. Suppose you are looking for this type of resort. You can choose this to give you a perfect. And balanced experience with its enjoyable accommodation.

Fiestaa Resort n Events Venue

  • Features: There is a pool, and also you can take a bath in the warmth of the sun at the sun terrace
  • Location: It is located 30km of distance from Bangalore
  • Price: It will cost you 4000
  • place to visit: You can visit Devanahalli Fort, Gorvanahali maha Lakshmi temple.

Angsana Oasis Spa & Resort

Angsana Oasis Spa & Resort is a beautiful resort with its green lawns and an outdoor swimming pool. It offers a 24-hour front desk and also facilitates with spa and wellness center. The rooms are fully air-conditioned with flat cable TV. And the wardrobe and seating area take your experience to the next level. The electric kettle and minibar are there in each room. You also get private bathrooms with a shower and hairdryer. There are onsite restaurants where you can order each food and beverage. Whether Indian, Chinese, Italian, or any other dish. The best thing about this resort is it provides a swimming pool. And free Wi-Fi connection to its customers. Asides from this, it also offers delicious food that you love a lot.

Angsana Oasis Spa & Resort

  • Features: There is a tennis court, fitness center, and a game room. Asides from this, there is an outdoor pool as well.
  • Location:This resort is located 25 km from Bangalore City railway station and Kempe Gowda International Airport.
  • Price: This stay option will cost you approx 6500 Rs
  • Place to visit: When you stay here, you can visit Nandi Hills, Grover Vineyard, and go shopping at Esteem mall.

Our Native Village

This fabulous resort is located 45 Km from Bengaluru International Airport. This is an eco-friendly resort where you can get features like a spa and meeting facilities. If you have a pet, then you will not have to pay for them. There is private parking on the site. The rooms are clean, and all have a fan, desk, and seating area. You also get complimentary toiletries and a bathroom. You can have delicious food at Indian and south Indian restaurants. There is an outdoor swimming pool. If you want to stay there with your family, you can do that. And there are family-size rooms with tea and coffee maker in all the rooms.

Our Native Village

  • Features: There are an outdoor swimming pool and spa center. They offer excellent room service to their customer. You will not have to pay for your pet if you have.
  • Location: This is 23 km from Metro Yashwantpur and 45 Km from Bengaluru International Airport.
  • Price: This resort will cost you approx 5500 Rs
  • Place to visit: When you stay here, then you can visit Nandi Hills and Ghati Subramanya temple.

Tips for finding the best resorts near by Bangalore

  • Suppose you want to get complete relaxation to remove any negative workplace pressure. You must focus on a few things mentioned below.
  • The first thing you can do is setting up your budget, and if your budget is 4000 to 5000. You can take out the look our pic all comes under this budget range. And offer all the luxurious treatment you need to have. 
  • You can also visit the resort’s official site. To avail extra features, discounts, or other facilities that you can get by there.
  • Try to avoid getting in touch with agents and book directly on the resort’s website.
  • Suppose you want to measure the facility’s quality and accommodation. You must read the resort’s review to get more clarification. It would be best if you tried to give the payment in advance. To avoid any hassle that can negatively impact your vacation. 
  • There is no need to depend upon the seasons and other factors. So, if you are comfortable and you need it, then go there.


  • How much will it cost if I choose any of the mentioned resorts?
    Suppose you pick up our mentioned resorts. Then it will cost you approx 4000 to 5000 and will give you a wonderful experience. That you will not forget till your life.
  • Is there an outdoor pool as well?
    Yes, these resorts also offer an outdoor swimming pool for their customers.
  • How can I book the resort for myself?
    You can visit the resort’s website and place an order for your stay.


Now you get complete information about the best resorts near by Bangalore. And now you can easily pick any one of them to make your relaxation period alive if you want to reduce your workload. Then you can visit these resorts at weekends with your family, friends. And even alone if you are here for traveling purposes. 

Suppose you visit any of the resorts that we have mentioned. You will enjoy your special moment for sure. As there are a swimming pool, gym, fully accommodated rooms, great places to visit, and so on. So, make your trip and enjoy your moment.